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Pre Screening

Experience seamless Candidate Screening with our pre-screening services. We prioritize your hiring success by ensuring precision, speed, and a personalized touch in evaluating potential candidates. 

Let us optimize your recruitment process for unparalleled efficiency and exceptional talent discovery.


How we do Pre Screen candidates?

Step 1: Job Template

Begin by receiving our comprehensive job template, designed for you to share all key details effortlessly. Your input fuels our resourcing process, ensuring precision and tailored results.

Step 2: Boolean Keywords

In this step, our resourcing team experts will review the job details and make boolean keywords according to the job for finding candidates on the job boards. In this pivotal stage, our expert resourcing team meticulously analyses your job details, crafting bespoke boolean keywords tailored to the position. These strategic keywords enhance our search on job boards, ensuring a comprehensive match to your criteria and maximising candidate quality.

Step 3: Use the top UK Job Boards

Unlocking prime talent from leading UK job boards—Reed, CV-Library, Jobsite/Totaljobs, and Job Serve. Our dedicated approach ensures a thorough exploration of these platforms to unearth the best candidates for your job positions.

Step 4: Pre Screening

In our personalized pre-screening, we engage candidates with a friendly call, understanding their interests and job preferences. Ensuring a thoughtful approach, we delicately ascertain their alignment with your opportunities.

Step 5: Follow Up & Updates

In our dedicated follow-up process, we gently reconnect with candidates who may have missed our initial outreach. Our commitment extends to providing timely updates to recruitment companies.

Step 6: Here you Go

Presenting your ready-to-interview candidates, meticulously prepared for the next phase of your recruitment journey. Our candidates are poised to seamlessly transition to the next steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process tailored to your needs.

Why this service for you?

Elevate your recruitment game with RPO services just for you.
From strategic talent sourcing to streamlined processes, experience a boost in efficiency, quality, and overall hiring success.

Efficiency Enhancement

Talent Quality


Diversity and Inclusion

Skill Set Alignment

Technology Integration

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